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Patients Are at the Heart of Our Priorities

Created in February 2022, our mission is to offer the region’s population adapted care for musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders that limit their function; prevention; follow-up within a reasonable timeframe; and offer a choice of varied services. 

Our services


The objective of osteopathy is to restore balance to the body’s various systems. Thus, the osteopath’s role is to find the blockages or loss of mobility and tensions in the different areas related to your problems. She may work on your skull, your abdomen, your joints, your skin or your fascias.
  • 8 to 80 years old*
  • Pregnant or postpartum women
  • Athletes
  • Accident victims or convalescents

*Osteopathy is for everyone. Please note that we d‘ont have an osteopath specialized in pediatrics in our clinic for the moment.


Prevent or treat your musculoskeletal injuries with individual physiotherapy sessions. An evaluation will be done to establish a treatment or rehabilitation plan together. 

  • Customized exercise program and Physiotec software to have the exercises in visual
  • Pilates approach
  • Mckenzie approach
  • Taping
  • Electrotherapy if needed only


Massage therapy is a form of manual therapy that includes a multitude of different techniques: with or without oils, anti-inflammatory ointments, kneading, etc. There are many benefits to massages such as reducing the effects of stress on the body, relieving muscle tension and much more! 

  • Relaxation or therapeutic massage
  • Cupping
  • Triggers points

* This treatment is suitable for most clients, regardless of age or general physical condition. 

Other Services & Workshops

  • Pilates workshops,   
  • Breathing and mindfulness meditation workshops
  • Social worker on site 

Prices and rates

Services Time Price
Physiotherapy evaluation
60 minutes
Deluxe physiotherapy treatment
45 minutes
Regular physiotherapy treatment
30 minutes
Physiothery treatment senior rate
30 minutes
Physiotherapy treatment student rate
30 minutes
Massotherapy session
30 minutes
Massotherapy session
60 minutes
Massotherapy session
90 minutes
Massotherapy session
120 minutes
Osteopathy session
60 minutes

Meet our team 

Jodie Secula

Osteopath/Physiotherapy Technologist

General osteopathy, specialized in acute pain, sportsmen, pregnant women

Marie-Josée Lemaire

General physiotherapy, specializing in the Pilates approach
Melanie Wilfrid

Mélanie Wilfrid

Social worker (PAE and Private)

Éric Couture-Telmosse

Therapeutic and relaxation approach